Mission, vision, values and what we believe in at Parametricos

Parametricos started with the belief that architecture should be more accessible, efficient and functional. All architects can make better and faster decisions with the right data and tools. In 2018, a three-person team started Parametricos.

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I am skipping a long introduction to this article, as its core is to go through our mission, vision and values at Parametricos, to share the way we do things and hopefully be helpful to someone else thinking of starting a tech startup, as much as it helped us.

But what do you do at Parametricos exactly? This is a fun question I always get, and depending on who’s asking I give the appropriate answer with a smile. It’s like we categorised the answers in our minds based on parameters such us: How much time do I have to answer? is he/she interested in being a customer or investing? Is it for an article? Why am I thinking too much? etc. So then, I’ll just give you the elevator pitch, to cut to the chase. :)

Parametricos is a software development company that specialises in real-time cloud solutions for the AECO* professionals, to improve their workflow in all phases of a project, from design to construction and operations.

Parametricos began its journey with the core belief that architecture should be more accessible, efficient and functional; simply said, more parameters when taking design and construction decisions.

parameters — parametric[os] — parametric operating systems.

In 2018, a three-person team started Parametricos and we are now expanding our mission to the world to empower decision-making in improving our future cities. You can find our solutions at the bottom of the article.

*Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Operation

Our mission

Architecture is a wireframe that offers to the world a way to design, execute and adapt to an ever-changing community. Each decision, every line drafted by an architect, a bridge that was constructed by an engineer is to sustain and empower a better future.

Parametricos is aiming to build a virtual bridge between functionality and creativity with our online platform. We do that by developing realtime workflows and data-driven dashboards for professionals in the AECO* industry, to make better and faster design decisions.

*Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Operation

Our Vision

Along with our community, we want to optimise and organise the built environment by making design, construction and operations more effective and accessible.

Our Values

We are building a community. We first understand what are the pain points that our community is facing and we then strive to build solutions around the problem until it's eliminated. We then launch the solution to our community to build upon it and improve it together.

There is no bias. Our products and solutions are inclusive and accessible to everyone. There is no bias to who uses the product; if the user is doing so with good intentions for himself and the rest of the world.

Debate, Debate, then work. There is no one-man brainstorming-decision-making in Parametricos. All ideas are debatable, they get feedback or stripped down, but never thrown out the window. We then work together to make the ideas into reality.

'Be water my friend'. Commit to the work you are doing and adapt to the changing circumstances that might occur even when you are in the middle of a finalised solution. Be tough, be change, be parametricos.

RnDFV aka Research and Development Fridays Voice. Every Friday at 13:00 we stop; research and develop crazy ideas. Every employee at Parametricos has a voice to share ideas that can change the world.

Get ready, fire, aim. Spend less time thinking and more time expressing, sharing, sourcing opinions and increasing speed and efficiency.

Objectives. We align our goals as a team and we work based on weekly tasks with yearly objectives. Individuality is for martial arts. Collective intellect is for parametricos.

Designated Survivor. Ideas are worth nothing, execution is everything. We prioritise ideas and work on the ones that improve our world for our community, customers and employees.

Fail fast, fail together. Don't fail alone, don't hide a failure. Identify the problem, bring it to the team and solve it together.

'Wax on, wax off'. Mastery in parametricos is a long-term journey and a truly enlightened mind is meditating all of the time. There is no distinction between working, studying and learning. Task focused hard work dismissed as a waste of time early on, and appreciated later.

Transparency. Be honest, direct and polite. We strive for integrity, respect and encouragement within our team-work environment and towards our customers.

Be the culture. Be the perfect example of the culture you want to see in the office. A place where you have fun while working and learning.


Studio 3DX

Studio 3DX is a Cloud BIM and GIS solution for professionals in the AECO industry to improve their workflow in all phases of a building cycle, from design to construction and facilities management. Architects and Engineers can upload their 3D BIM projects and collaborate in real-time with visualising their models and reporting issues on specific building elements.

Studio 3DX | Cloud BIM and GIS
Studio 3DX is a Cloud BIM and GIS platform to improve your workflow from the design phase to construction and even facility management. Try now with our 7-days trial and get your work done faster and more efficient.


Architectonic is an annual hybrid event for Architects and Startups. We believe in debating the morphology of our cities with people from different backgrounds and ideologies. Parametricos brings together innovative minds from Cyprus and beyond to discuss how tech startups and entrepreneurs are improving the way we operate and build our cities.

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(previously Find An Architect)

Mapdos brings closer the community of professionals in the architecture, engineer and construction industry. Search for an architecture firm in any location and narrow down your search by firm name, project types and project location.

Mapdos website is currently under development.
Find more at

The team at Parametricos is always open for a chat about everything that's been said. You can find more about us at and contact us at

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