March 26, 2019


At parametricos, we are always looking for problem-solving features that will enhance both the visual experience of the architect and his client but most importantly, those that improve their workflow.


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At Parametricos we're constantly on the lookout for problem-solving features that will enhance the visual experience of both the architect and his client and also (and more importantly) improve their workflow.

In essence, we want to empower architects to make better and faster design decisions by providing them with a simple user interface and effective tools so they can do so.

You can upload your project on location and visualise it instantly in less than 5 minutes.

We work with existing software and so the architect and his team can upload or synchronise their project on their Parametricos account without changing their existing design workflow.

Anyone with access to the project can simply walk inside the building and experience how the environment and the surrounding buildings affect the design. At Parametricos we focus on exactly that. Streamline your design process.

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Marios Messios, CEO - Director, Parametricos Ltd