September 24, 2019

VisualARQ to Parametricos

This mini-tutorial takes your project through VisualARQ: Flexible BIM for Rhino to Parametricos Studio with 6 simple steps.

VisualARQ to Parametricos


VisualARQ to Parametricos


This tutorial is to explain the ease of exporting VisualARQ's BIM designs from Rhino 3D and uploading them to Parametricos Studio.


VisualARQ License: You have to own a VisualARQ license to enable importing and exporting of IFC files in Rhino.
Trial: The VisualARQ evaluation version is fully functional for 30 days after the installation. After 30 days some features are disabled.

Rhino License/Trial:

Parametricos Account:

Video Tutorial

Step 1:

Start designing a BIM model by using VisualARQ: Flexible BIM for Rhino
You can have a look at this wide range of learning materials from VisualARQ here:

Check out this tutorial below that takes you through design, step by step.

VisualArq Basics (Rhino Tutorial)

Step 2:

If you already have an IFC model created with VisualARQ you can then export by selecting File/Save As and choosing IFC 2x3 Building Model.
IMPORTANT: Make sure you have 'Save textures' selected before saving.

Export by selecting File/Save As and choosing IFC 2x3 Building Model

Step 3:

Go to your Parametricos account and select Projects. Select a project or create a new one.

Step 4:

After selecting a project navigate to Models tab and click on the bottom right + button and add a new model inside the project.

Step 5:

Select the IFC file from your computer and wait for the Project to Upload and Process

Step 6:

Click on the model and open it.
You can now visualise the model and it's elements in real time.

More information about VisualARQ.
Reference: VisualARQ Website (

VisualARQ provides tools to generate all project document information (plans, sections, elevations) and quantification (surfaces, dimensions, components, quantities) from the 3D model automatically.

VisualARQ imports & exports IFC files to exchange architectural BIM models between Rhino and other AEC software. You can also tag any object with an ifc category and add custom information to geometry, which will be exported as ifc properties.

VisualARQ has a library set of parametric architectural objects (walls, windows, doors, stairs...) that can be also created from Grasshopper definitions, providing unlimited options for parametric BIM object designs.

All VisualARQ objects and information assignment can be created from Grasshopper with the VisualARQ Grasshopper Components.