What is IFC format?

What is an IFC format and how to start using them in your design workflow.

2 years ago

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IFC abbreviation means Industry Foundation Classes and it's used for exchanging data between Building Information Modeling software.

The IFC data model is an open specification developed by buildingSMART to help in the interoperability of the construction industry. The IFC schema is registered by ISO. You can check out this 3-minute video by BIMconnect:

What is IFC (Industry Foundation Classes)? - BIMconnect
The Industry Foundation Classes specify a data schema and an exchange file format structure. The data schema is defined in
- EXPRESS data specification language, defined in ISO 10303-11,
- XML Schema definition language (XSD), defined in XML Schema W3C Recommendation - ISO

Studio 3DX

With the Studio 3DX you can upload and collaborate on your BIM projects with uploading your IFC files from any BIM software (Revit, Archicad, Tekla etc.)

We read the IfcSite parameter from your model and we geo-locate your 3D model on site. Check out this other related post on 'Geospatial data and its implementation in BIM'

IFCSite BIM IFC 3D Model upload
Upload your 3D BIM and geo-locate it in no-time with IfcSite.
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Published 2 years ago